Posted by Copalivin Brand

As you unwind from another crazy and style packed summer of fashion, we move into another season for Florida born Copalivin. With sun not necessarily seasonal in the sunny state of Florida, their 2015 Post Summer Collection still has all the elements of a traditional summer, with neon colours and unique style. This bold and rather eye-catching new collection comes rocking some real Florida style and some rather unique design. Known for their Floridian flavor as well as the bold Copa Script Logo and FLA caps, Copalivin is back in a sleek and stylish new way.

Already building quite a strong reputation in their home territory, Copalivin are looking to take over the world and with this brand new collection, complete with t-shirts, vests and hats, domination is definitely on the cards. Check out the brand new Copalivin 2015 Post Summer Collection in the gallery above and let us know what you think. Head over here and cop something right now!